Connecting with people. Connecting with success.

Getting involved with Novus Era means joining a community of people just like yourself that seek a fuller life of growth and prosperity. The community provides you access to a wealth of knowledge and a lineup of tools and systems that help keep you connected and on-target with your goals.

Great tools. Proven systems.

The PerfectLine Marketing System is one of the success tools we make available to all of Novus Era's Affiliates. The system provides an effective means to cultivate, educate, and engage prospects through a free tour of Novus Era. While on the tour, your prospects may choose to upgrade and join the team. When they do they are added to your organization and together you work towards your individual goals.

As an Affiliate you also enjoy a Suite of Online Tools which include a full-featured business management portal, multiple personal marketing sites, and a host of informational resources. Keeping tabs on your business and growing that business is simplified through automated systems and a network of people to help whenever you need it.

Your new Novus Era business is ready when you are.

When you feel Novus Era is a good fit for your prosperity goals, simply click on the Get Started button to be on your way. Get Started