Better nutrition doesn't need to be complicated. At least we don't think so. At the heart of our approach to whole-person wellness is that very philosophy: to simplify nutrition. How we've accomplished this is through development of products that you'll look forward to consuming every day. Products that yield results and are manufactured under strict standards. Deliciously beneficial, locally made, and a quality that leaves the other guys in the dust.

Our Product Types

We had originally titled this section "innovating ingestion" because our approach to nutritional products is a bit different than most. Instead of gulping down a bunch of pills, we've found that people are far happier chewing their nutrition like food and drinking it like a beverage. What's more, is that a huge population of people refuse to swallow pills. Don't those people need nutrition too? Of course! We got 'em covered!
"Dots" (gummies)

On one side of our product spectrum are our 'gummy' products. We call these Meedots. We avoid calling our Meedots 'gummies' because people often assume they're a children's product. Yes, children can consume our Meedots (at a reduced dose), but Meedots are most definitely for adults as well. These gummy nutritionals are delicious and chocked full of nutritional goodness. You won't believe they're 'healthy' for you.
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On the other side of our product spectrum are our nutritional beverages. Many of us find ourselves hustling and bustling in the mornings and skimp on what's touted as the "most important meal of the day" which is breakfast. Though our MA+IGP is not a meal replacement per se, it does give you a nice dose of protein which has been shown to boost metabolism and curb sugar cravings. What's more is that our MA+IGP product has a magical ingredient that's been demonstrated to be the "Master Antioxidant" shielding you from the daily dangers of free radicals.
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