Meedots Balance

Do you like candy? C'mon... everybody likes some candy, right? Well, let us introduce you to our friend, Meedots. A daily multi-vitamin that tastes just like candy and is the sort of candy your body is craving in a desperate way! Packed with a wide array of essential vitamins and nutrients, these "gummy-like" Meedots deliver a serious boost of goodness to your everyday diet.

Why gummies? Well, simply put, they are something that's yummy to eat and your body has quick access to the nutrients each dot contains. Years of research and development have gone into the proprietary formulation with special focus applied to when the nutritional goodness is added. The unique recipe behind our Meedots allows us to add the nutrients after the gummies have been cooked and molded. What this means is that the vitamins aren't subjected to heat which can denature the nutrients, rendering them less effective.
Product Servings Affiliate Price Preferred Price Retail Price PV / BV Contained In
Two Bottle Pack 30/bottle $49.97 $54.97 $59.97 50 / 50 ASP[D] | ERA[C] | ERA[D]
Single Bottle 30/bottle $25.97 $27.97 $29.97 25 / 25 ASP[D] | ERA[C] | ERA[D]