A Novus Era philosophy is that when you market any highly-consumable product that customers love, it spells o.p.p.o.r.t.u.n.i.t.y.. Combine a great product lineup with a rewards structure that is simple, responds to the correct activities, and is achievable by newcomers and proven leaders alike, and what you have is a formula for success.

A Rewards Plan For Everyone

Seasonal/Periodic Earning

Life happens. The car breaks down, Christmas is just around the corner, or you just can't wait to get your hands on that latest gadget. Many people leverage Novus Era's Rewards Plan as the answer when life's needs come calling. Components in the plan make it a great option to earn as you need or want the extra money.

Part-Time/Supplemental Income

Most of us would love a little extra money at the end of the month. Whether it's a stay at home mom, or a careerist whose job doesn't provide the sort of income for the desired lifestyle, our Rewards Plan presents itself as a lucrative solution for people who have limited time to work their business but would love the supplemental income.

Full-time/Leadership Income

Dedicating yourself to your Novus Era business can prove to be a lifestyle-changing option. The many residual components in the Rewards Plan offer sustainable and deep incentives for those with the desire to grow and expand their business. Commitment and consistency to your business can potentially create full-time income and time freedom.

We've provided a host of information you can review to better understand how the Lifetime Rewards Plan can help you achieve your financial goals... whatever they might be. Have a look at the Lifetime Rewards Plan, the Advantage Programs, and what your Enrollment Options are to get started.