Welcome to a blueprint you can use to create seasonal, part-time, or full-time income through Novus Era's simple and effective rewards plan. As people's financial goals and aspirations are diverse and vary from person-to-person, we've organized the blueprint into sections based upon the nature of the rewards.
Immediate Earnings Incentives

If your goal is to generate some immediate income, these are the incentives that are designed to payout the quickest, some right away and others on a weekly schedule. Leverage one or several of these vehicles to meet your goals.

Lifetime Earnings Incentives

This group of incentives provide residual earnings on your business growth and retention. Though these take a little longer to develop, the rewards have the potential to last a lifetime. Most of these are paid monthly.

Leadership & Advancement Perks

Achievement within your Novus Era business is heavily celebrated through recognition and lucrative rewards. As you advance through the plan, so do the perks that follow. These incentives offer truly lifestyle changing opportunities.

Immediate Earnings Incentives

Retail CommissionsImmediate + Monthly

By growing a customer base, you strengthen your business and also collect immediate and monthly commissions. Whether it's with face-to-face customers or through your personal ecommerce site, retail commissions are a great way to get started fast.

90-Day Jump StartWeekly

Designed to create a chain-effect of people helping people helping people, the 90-Day Jump Start Bonus rewards you for the monthly recurring orders placed by people you personally enroll within their first 90-Days in Novus Era. Help your team get started right.

Personal Enrollment BonusWeekly

Get rewarded on people you refer that get started with Novus Era. Enroll more than two people into your business and the earnings multiply and extend even deeper. It's possible to receive up to 25% in additional incentives through this powerful bonus.


30-Level Fast StartWeekly

Among the first of it's kind, this lucrative Fast Start incentive extends from 10-30 levels deep within your organization to reward you on the Affiliates joining through our ERA Package. As your team duplicates, so do your earnings.

Lifetime Earning Incentives

Perfect Binary ResidualMonthly

At the heart and soul of the Lifetime Rewards Plan is our Perfect Binary Residual bonus. Unlike a typical binary plan (two-wide organization), your Novus Era Binary is 'perfect'. You get the leveraged effects of a two-wide team structure without all the headaches. No need for balanced leg volumes or limited earning caps. A Perfect Binary pays you on everything that falls within the depth-level you qualify for. As you personally enroll more teammates, your depth extends deeper and deeper through our innovative concept of 'pay points' (see next). The Perfect Binary rewards you on the monthly recurring purchases of your team and gives a whole new meaning to residual earning. Oh, and did we mention the powerful concept of Pay Points? Oh yeah, that's next.

Powerful Pay Points

Undoubtedly the first of their breed, Novus Era's auto-generating, auto-maximizing, auto-expanding 'Pay Points' are a residual earner's dream. After you've enrolled just two Affiliates into your business, the magic of Pay Points kicks in. Starting with your third personal enrollment and continuing indefinitely with each new enrollment. Our Plan 'clones' a new you one level above your enrollment(s). What this does is creates another earning center that extends up to 30 additional levels in payout from each Pay Point. The Perfect Binary Residual and 30-Level Fast Start bonuses utilize these Pay Points to amplify your residual earnings.

Leadership & Advancement Perks

Car ProgramMonthly

At about the halfway point in the progression through the Lifetime Rewards Plan are the keys to a monthly car incentive. Paying up to $800 per month towards a car of your choice, our car program lifts the financial burdes of driving in style. Two consecutive months of rank acheivement and the bonus is unlocked. Maintain the consecutive qualifications and the checks will just keep coming. Vroom vroom!

Advancement BonusesMonthly

The Lifetime Rewards Plan has 10 ranks or levels of achievement you'll find yourself progressing through. Once you enter into our Leadership Rank levels, you earn one-time rewards for your personal achievement. As you continue advancing to the next levels, you'll receive a Personal Rank Advancement bonus on each new rank achieved. But that's just where we get started. As you help your personal enrollees advance, they also receive personal Rank Advancement bonuses, and you as their enroller receive an enroller Rank Advancement Bonus.