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Uber, the world’s largest taxi company, owns no vehicles. Facebook, the world’s most popular media owner, creates no content. Alibaba, the most valuable retailer, has no inventory. And Airbnb, the world’s largest accommodation provider, owns no real estate. Something interesting is happening.

Tom Goodwin

Nutrition that doesn't seem like nutrition... independent business that feels like play

We call ourselves Novus Era, which translates to 'new era' (if you know some Latin). Just as the Ubers, Facebooks, and Alibabas of the marketplace have found great success in re-innovating how we live and how business is conducted, Novus Era appears to be in good company with our approach to whole-person wellness and home-based business.

Our focus is two-fold

At inception, we started with the mission to simplify nutrition. All too often, people look at being 'healthier' as a science. Sure, there's plenty of science behind health, but for most of us it can be pretty simple. Eat better, exercise more often, and fill in the gaps with some beneficial vitamins and supplements. That last part (beneficial vitamins and supplements) is often the showstopper for people. We forget (sometimes conveniently) to take pills and powders. For others, nutrition is too costly. The great minds we put to task came up with our "dots" concept. Remember the Dots gummy candies from your childhood? Yeah... exactly! Delicious. We've packed a ton of nutrition into candy-like "dots" that you won't forget to gobble-up every morning. And what about cost? We hit the mark there. Affordability all the way.

Secondly, we aimed to diversify opportunity for people to achieve financial stability and eventual financial freedom. We couldn't have set out on this pursuit at a better time with the economy charting the course of continual decline. But what does it mean to diversify opportunity? To us, it means creating a platform where anyone can plug-in with minimal investment and actually make some money. And, for the ambitious, that "some money" can look like a full-time income. After extensive research, analysis, and real-world observation we devised a formula to make this possible. We call it our 'Lifetime Rewards Plan'. It's an 8-Part model that deeply rewards customer acquisition and cultivation of success for others.
Nestled on the outskirts of the North Bay Area is where Novus Era calls home. We're a company that has grown from humble beginnings with the help of a well-funded investment group called Globus Holdings. The union has been amazing and allowed Novus Era to establish the sort of infrastructure that you don't commonly see this early in a company's launch. From logistics and operations to sales development, Novus Era is positioned to support magnitudes of growth because of it.
Our Kaizen Philosophy
Ever heard of a company named Toyota? Yes, that Toyota. Would you believe that just a few decades ago they weren't the behemoth they are today? Want to know what changed? It was a little something called kaizen. Kaizen is belief that small changes over time can yield enormous results. It's a mindset of "never stop improving". When asked what Novus Era's corporate philosophy is, the answer would undoubtedly be 'kaizen'. We will always strive to be better tomorrow than we are today. Our products, our business model, our leadership, and our infrastructure will never rest on it's heels. There is always room for growth and improvement and we'll consistently be on the hunt for it.
Locally Grown... Globally Loved
We're a company founded in the United States. Our products are also manufactured here in the United States. We embrace the strict business and regulatory standards of the country because they require that we always operate and manufacture at a high level of quality. It's this quality that has garnered faith and confidence in global consumers as well. As we've expanded across the North American continent and moving into additional areas in the east and west hemispheres, we've been celebrated as a fresh approach to nutrition and independent business.

Kaizen is belief that small changes over time can create life-altering results

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